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Paul Schiraldi has traveled around the world on assignment for clients such as HBO, BBC Television, Sports Illustrated, and Reebok International. He has traveled to remote locations such as India, Tokyo and Scotland but he always returns to the town he was born in, The Bronx.

Growing up in the Bronx has given Paul Schiraldi the confidence needed to handle any circumstance he is faced with. Attending the Germain School of Photography and being a photographer for 26 years gives him the knowledge to approach all situations in a calm and professional manner. Whether it is consoling an overwhelmed child for Welsh Publishing or hanging from the tower of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge for CBS, he has the confidence, creativity and determination you expect from a professional. Paul has achieved a level of excellence surpassed by no other photographer. Clients have said, “No matter where we send Paul, whether it is working in the toughest neighborhoods of Baltimore, MD or the harshest conditions of the South African Desert, he always delivers a variety of images at the highest level of professional photography.” These images consist of more diversity, angles, and creativity than expected from a photographer. While embracing new technologies it’s important not to forget the time honored traditional skills. Having started with analog 8x10, 4x5, 120, and 35mm formats, Paul has the technical expertise required to create most any look, and the artistic sense to execute compelling imagery. Paul's experience allows him to adapt quickly and employ traditional in camera techniques as well as digital imaging as required.

Paul Schiraldi always strives to outperform the competition in all levels of expertise. This is why he has survived 26 years in the extremely competitive field of professional photography. Looking through his portfolio one quickly realizes there is no stone unturned. All fields of photography have been developed. This professional photographer's portfolio contains notable images of published portraiture, stop-action, and tabletop photography showcasing two plus decades of hands on experience.

Clients such as HBO, CBS, Parade Magazine and Bauer Publishing work with Paul Schiraldi because he delivers diverse consistent quality throughout his images. Only a professional with experience and knowledge can handle high-pressure last minute decisions. When clients are looking for a fast thinking, experienced, creative, professional photographer the first and only choice is Paul Schiraldi.

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An online presence after all these years

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Daytona 200, Marvel Films Absorbing Man,

HBO Real Sports Bryant Gumble, Amnesty International Bruce Springsteen